Earrings, Natural Cultured Pearl and Natural Sapphire Unique Quirky Earrings


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Natural Cultured Pearl and Natural Sapphire Unique Quirky Earrings

Pearls are an amazing versatile stylish organic gemstone. Their color range is huge from lustrous vibrant rainbows of pink, white and silver to exotic peacock blackish green. The varied shapes add to the Pearls’ drama, beauty and mystique.

Our very creative one of a kind design for these unique Pearl earrings is quirky and cheerful.

We took advantage of our Pearls’ irregular shape toe a make a fashion forward design. We chose a lustrous salmon pink color with a hint of white. We paired it with a creamy white color with a hint of pink. Then we kicked it up a notch and dangled a gorgeous deep pink Sapphire at the bottom. Looking for a special pair of earrings for that very special date? Have a fun day on the town planned with your girl friends? These natural pearl and natural sapphire earrings are perfect!

The Pearls are 11mm each and the Sapphires are 2mm each and hand set in 14k White Gold.

* CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Clean with a gentle (non detergent) soap and warm water. Rinse with cool water. If using a sink MAKE SURE THE DRAIN IS COVERED. Wipe dry with a soft cloth and finish with a jewelry cloth. Store separately in a soft pouch of jewelry box.

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